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Parking lots located in front of the Trade Fair and Congress Centre MT Polska.

Persons arriving to the centre have to use the valid single use magnetic ticket to enter the parking area, or they can use a magnetic card with the expiry date defined by the persons who uses the parking services. The parking toll machines are located at the main lobby (hall) at the MT Polska Centre.

Entry lines to the parking area:

  • two entry lines - ground parking at Okularowa Str.
  • one entry line - underground parking at Rekrucka St.

Toll for using the ground and underground parking lots:

  • for each hour commenced - PLN 5.00
  • one day stay - PLN 36.60
  • two day parking card - PLN 68.32
  • three day parking card - PLN 91.50
  • four day parking card - PLN 109.80
  • five day parking card - PLN 122

Every exhibitor receive one four day parking card for free.

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